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Fantasy Football 2010:
Sortable 2010 NFL Draft Results
2010 Player Roster Movements
FFR's 2010 Draft Kit
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2010 FFR's Draft Kit and Weekly Rankings
2010 Fantasy Football Projections

Accurate 2010 Projections- 2010 Fantasy Football player projections (QBs, WRs, RBs, TEs, and Ks) along with team defense projections in easily sortable online tables. We use the same easy to maneuver sortable format as we use in our stats section. Quickly sort and find the players you are looking for.
Dynamic Projection Updates- We update our projections as news happens throughout the pre-season so you always have the most up to date numbers and projections to use when it is time for your draft. We will be updating the projections right up until the first Sunday of the season (September 7th).

Customizable Fantasy Cheat Sheets

Accurate Custom Cheat Sheets- Does your league give you 6 points or 3 points for a touchdown pass? Is it a scoring only league? Head to Head? How many rushing yards does a back need to gain before you get a point? The answers to these and other fantasy questions can dramatically change the ranking order you should be following on draft day. Don't rely on generic rankings. With our custom cheat sheets, you enter only the categories and point values your league uses to get the most accurate and relevant cheatsheets available.
No Software, Easy to use- With our easy to use forms, fill out your fantasy league's scoring point system, click, and get your Cheat Sheets modified just for your league! No complicated software to download and try to decipher.

Weekly Rankings All Season

Weekly Fantasy Rankings- Each week of the season we will give you our top plays for the week at each position. We will be ranking the top 20 QBs, 40 RBs, 40 WRs, 20 TEs, and 20 Kickers each week. Updated every Thursday throughout the whole season.
Defensive Planning Charts
- Members get access to our in-season Defensive Planning Charts all season long, giving you an easy look at upcoming matchups to plan ahead. Search through sortable opponent rankings for any week of the season in quick easy to use online charts.

Mock Drafts

Pure fantasy football projections and cheatsheets are definitely the most important base to take into a draft with you. But real fantasy football drafts seldom are orderly and every one promises many surprises. Nonetheless, looking through mock fantasy drafts can give you a good idea of where players are going, when the TEs start going off the board, how long you may be able to wait for that middle tier running back, and so on.

More Fantasy Football Tools

Check out our exclusive Strength of Schedule charts, where you can find out which running backs play the easiest rush defense schedules or who plays the toughest pass defenses over the course of the season. We also offer bye week casualties, a quick and handy reference to which of the fantasy stars are out and when.

Real time projection updates right up to Opening Kickoff!
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